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Top 10 Herbs for Spiritual and Medicinal Uses

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Each herb reveals its healing and protective powers, offering a deeper sense of peace and inner harmony. Envision the calm from Lavender tea or the nurturing embrace of Red Rose, symbolizing the journey towards a holistic connection with nature. This isn't merely about herbal remedies; it's an invitation to intertwine nature's energies with daily life, fostering a profound bond with the earth and enhancing your spiritual path. Discover ancient wisdom tailored for contemporary healing, where the physical and mystical merge seamlessly.

Woke Wednesday Message 1/11/2023

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Hey Yo! 

 Today is 1/11- in the Year of 7. This is a transformative day for the rest of the year- so mind your thoughts today and keep them High Vibrating! 

111 is the sequence that calls us to be a part of the reality of who we are, and our mission here. 
When I think of my own life- that number has come at very pivotal points of my life. 

Currently it’s also Mercury Retrograde- in Capricorn and I’m reminded of this specific time…

Back in 2015, I got on a plane to Atlanta to meet someone I had never met in person … and host my 1st event. When I was about to take off there was a big sign on the runway that said 111.
I knew I’d be OK. 

My Mother passed in 2020… on 1/11. I definitely didn’t feel like I’d be OK- but I knew there was a message in that number for me. 

I wake up this morning 3 years later with this message… 
Know and trust your power . Even in your weakest moments, understanding that they’re only moments of weakness… not eternity in them. 

I selected these cards a few days ago for this message, and I’d like to share with you what comes  through now: 
As the Priestess (Bruja in this deck) awakens within you, you may feel the need to draw your Magic more and more inward. It’s Ok to use your Magic for yourself… many of us that have magic try to not use it for personal gain. This is the time to be mindful of your intentions and direct yourself to a place of wellness and Magic for benefitting others at another time. Those that need you, your offerings will find you- allow them to journey for your medicines.
The Page of Knives asks your to embark happily on new ideas- and know that wisdom within you that you had no clue where it came from; it’s borrowed from your Ancestors. The Page is the youngest energy of the suits. You’re in a space to learn at the feet of those that have come before you- even if they’re not physically present to speak. 
Together - the message says Self Awareness and Mental Cultivation are the Key to your Success and Survival.

Rest is Key

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I was called to share a card this morning for the Collective and the message that flowed to me was “Rest is Key”

Often we get caught up in the “doing”- but never exist within the “being”. The message that is coming to me that the rest of 2022 should be focused on rehabilitation of the Soul.

Collectively- we’ve all been in a state of shock, and have had to move through it without awareness of why things are happening the way they are. From 2020 until now 2022 life has completely shifted into a different state of affairs… and consciousness. There was absolutely no preparation- yet we trudged on.

2023 is literally less than 2 months away now- and it’s a 7 year. This is meant to be a quieter, “inner” year in which we can learn the answers to our most burning and often avoided questions. 


For me… I’d like to know “what was the reason?!”

7 years are about leaning in on Faith, and so is the 4 of Feathers.

Rest is Key! Although the 7 year and 4 of Feathers reminds us to have Faith- it requires us to “Go lay down!”

I hope ya’ll read go lay down in a Grandmama’s voice, because that’s the energy – and a reminder, that those prayers she once spoke over you are still working.

For a personal reading with me, check out my website :


Find something to push for!

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Bottom Left corner is a Summoning Sigil to Angel Sealiah –
Tarot Deck by Travis McHenry

This morning on this lovely Sunday, Spirit called to me and said I should pull a collective card from this specific deck.

The message that came through was “ Tough times don’t last- channel your energy into something deeper. Get off your knees and find yourself again”.

This year has been a bit confusing – so many things have happened where motivation has been lost and losing sight of desires.

Take a moment and write down what it is that you would truly desire for yourself. Whatever it is that you want for yourself, is what you want for your legacy. Your legacy ties to the Tarot Correspondence of this card which is the 6 of Cups. What fills you- and what do you want to fill?

Your motivation comes from what has broken you in the past- so you do not journey back there. Motivation comes from healing instead of ruminating. Motivation is an activation of the decision to heal what’s hindered you.

Take the time today to get clear in your path and reapply your intentions to focus and center you.

Realm of the Neolithic Goddess Oracle Deck

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Change can bring Challenge

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Oggun card represents 5 of Disks/Pentacles/Coins

Hey Yo! We’ve been rocking about a week into Libra Season now, within a 6 planet retrograde.

In the words of the great Erykah Badu “Sistas how ya’ll feel? Brothas ya’ll alight?”

Today is Thursday which is ruled by Jupiter: what do you need and want to expand upon?

The card that coincides with this question today is Oggún, and in traditional Tarot it would align to the 5 of Disks.

The message of 5 calls us into our center and reminds us what we deserve. 5 notes a internal need for Change- brought on by struggles.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Changes are being made on your behalf by your Ancestors so you don’t need to travel down the same roads. These changes may seem tumultuous; but there is always quiet after the storm.

You’re being called to have trust in your works, because when things begin to change- the challenges we face are trying to hold on. Ask yourself why you feel like you need to hold on to ailments. That’s the challenge!

Focus on yourself and why patterns replay, so you can break them once and for all. The symbolism of the disks for this card tell you that the area of your life in which will change deals in the physical world. Sex, Money, Food… anything tangible. You can grow- the seeds are there. Trust the soil you’ve been tilling.

What Works?! Soul Work!

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As people living here on this planet together, I notice it’s so natural to get lost in a few different thought processes.

We often compare our journey to people that are near and far because comparisons make things understandable.

We also look outward to figure out what our Soul’s purpose is… we want to GIVE something because it makes us feel useful.

But what what if I told you… we aren’t meant to do those things… although it feels so natural.

Our Soul’s work is to focus on how we can transform what we know into application. To live happier lives without comparison or distraction.

The truth is- when you compare your life and journey to someone else’s experience- you lose sight of your own through distraction. When you’re in a space of looking outside yourself- double down with your Faith. Try an expression of “Most High, allow me to focus on my needs and please limit distractions. I am ready to walk by your guidance”.

Additionally we often put ourself in a position to give- and we often do so to the wave of depletion.

Here is a gentle reminder; you can give what you don’t have for yourself. Soul work is about giving – but it should never be to your detriment. Giving should be done only if you’re in a space to also receive.

If you find yourself giving more than you’re receiving- ask yourself “How did I get into this position, and do I feel worthy enough to receive what I give“.

Soul work isn’t easy… and these are just small aspects to get yourself started.

I encourage you to journal about these things and see what comes up for you… or what comes down (from your Guides and the Most High).

Have a great day!

Full Moons Of 2023

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 Hey Yo.

We know Full Moons are about releasing , but is that all we focus on when it comes to our Rituals?

I think a lot of us often forget, to release something- it needs to be healed. If you don’t heal it; it will only come back again in another form. Sometimes familiar , sometimes not.

For an example; Leo Full Moon you can connect with the intentions of :

Sex, Loyalty, and Adoration
Self Confidence

Some Herbal Helpers
Sunflower, Rue
St. John’s wort, Rosemary
Chamomile, Lemon Balm – you can make this into Teas, dress your candles or make Oil infusions… or do them all!

I’m finding it interesting that we are starting off 2023 with a Fire element full moon, and finishing with a Water element. To me, that signifies that we are going to have a lot shown to us initially that may trigger us. Our emotions will be our superpower though. Our feelings will win.

Anywho… I’ll be sharing more about the Full Moons and the Herbal Helpers on my Patreon:

Mercury Retrograde feels

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Hey Yo. I woke up this morning feeling this vibration of not letting Sh!t get me down- or work me up. Let me tell you, I am one who lives in a consistent paradox… my Sun is in Virgo and my Moon and Rising is in Pisces. So when I tell you I have my own struggles with knowing Sh!t’s all good, and then simultaneously thinking the world is coming to an end- it’s truth!

Before I woke up this morning, I heard this in my slumber “Mind the business that pays you”.

I got up pretty early today and expressed my gratitudes as usual… and decided to pick a card to see what the vibe was.



a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.


There is a level of strength and stamina needed for what I do. Yet there is also a level of ease and flow as well. I’ve been having a hard time balancing them because of distraction.

My distraction has been fighting off scammers using my image. It’s literally exhausting. It has taken me away from my work, and being present in the moment.

What I realized though was this; “Yes, that is true… but mind the business that pays you. You’ve got to let that Sh!t go!”

If I’m hyper focused on that- then what is hyper focused on all my goodness??

The thing is- I’m super sensitive. Things hurt my feelings easily and I’m easily offended. But truthfully- if I’m focused on what’s hurting me, I then distract myself from all the healing I’m available to.

Besides scammers, there are people that are inspired by my work- and never credit me.

That was another thing that I’ve been focused on; and the truth is…

If it’s obvious to me- it’s obvious to others, so just keep doing what I’m doing…

By minding the business that pays me!

Where my attention has been has been on protection… but in this moment I’m reminded that yes, I need that protection, but I am also protectED!

What a beautiful paradox.

Pisces Full Moon 2022

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Let’s listen to our inner self.

Hey Yo! Pisces Full Moon is coming up on the 10th and here is what you should know!

Every Full Moon opposes the Sun, and obviously this one is no different. Virgo is the sign the Sun is in currently which is ruled by the 6th House. As we move through Virgo Season we’re consistently reminded of the highlights of the 6th house which are rooted in Health, Fitness and Wellness. However , we also need to remember other gems in the 6th house- like work habits, your sense of usefulness, and being of service.

This Full Moon in Pisces is going to transform these actions into awareness. This Full Moon will be making a sextile to Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. The results of this will definitely bring big epiphanies and make things not only clear you can’t turn a blind eye.

Pisces naturally opposes the 6th house- as it rules the 12th house. The 12th house is all about the Unknown and Unseen. Just like we’re looking at the hidden gems from the 6th house, we have to do the same for the 12th. The gems of the 12th house are Healings, Closure, Karma, and Limiting Beliefs.

Oh… and Bruh… my last blog on Mercury Retrograde which is happening the day before the Full Moon!

I know this sounds like a lot going on… and it is. But if you look at this as an opportunity instead of an opposition you can make it through washed clean. Pisces embodies the water Element- and reminds me of the Ocean. It’s depths are unknown and unseen; and we revel in that.

The signs that will be most affected in this will be Virgo Pisces Sagittarius and Gemini within 17 Degrees will feel it the most.

I say all of this to say: it’s time to see where you may be stopping your own abundance and prosperity by not committing to a form of habits and routine. You can absolutely turn this around. You’re actually meant to! You have to just feel where things are moving and you’re moving with it.

Look at what you’re offering and be open to offering more of it to yourself. You can’t give what you don’t have and can be living on a deficit. Allow this Full Moon to illuminate areas where you’re struggling with work/life balances and heal the scarcity mindset.

Scarcity is really just inverted abundance. It takes over internally, and you have no room for growth. This Full Moon in Pisces will work with the Subconscious- and make you aware of this. Just remember what I said initially about it making a sextile to Uranus Retrograde! Uranus is the “Drunk Uncle” of the planets… unpredictable! Be open to the dialogue though. Drunk words can be Sober thoughts.