Change can bring Challenge

Oggun card represents 5 of Disks/Pentacles/Coins

Hey Yo! We’ve been rocking about a week into Libra Season now, within a 6 planet retrograde.

In the words of the great Erykah Badu “Sistas how ya’ll feel? Brothas ya’ll alight?”

Today is Thursday which is ruled by Jupiter: what do you need and want to expand upon?

The card that coincides with this question today is Oggún, and in traditional Tarot it would align to the 5 of Disks.

The message of 5 calls us into our center and reminds us what we deserve. 5 notes a internal need for Change- brought on by struggles.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Changes are being made on your behalf by your Ancestors so you don’t need to travel down the same roads. These changes may seem tumultuous; but there is always quiet after the storm.

You’re being called to have trust in your works, because when things begin to change- the challenges we face are trying to hold on. Ask yourself why you feel like you need to hold on to ailments. That’s the challenge!

Focus on yourself and why patterns replay, so you can break them once and for all. The symbolism of the disks for this card tell you that the area of your life in which will change deals in the physical world. Sex, Money, Food… anything tangible. You can grow- the seeds are there. Trust the soil you’ve been tilling.

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