"Every one of our in-house products is lovingly crafted in small batches by Sienna. She shares detailed ritual instructions to help you fully embrace and care for your items. Got questions? Just shoot us an email—we’re here to help!"



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Summer Solstice Celebration

Let's tap in to the magic of the Season together!

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Crown of Success Oil

Unleash Your True Potential with Crown of Success Oil - Your Key to Unlocking Confidence and Success!

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Butterfly Pea

The Butterfly Pea Flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and inner peace.

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Love Oil

Love Oil, by Demure Lyfe is the most revered of all scents carried...This Sacred blend is blessed, prayed over and sang to, for 6 Moon Cycles.

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Emotional healing, self-love, passion, inner peace.

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Herbs In The Apothecary

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