I’m Sienna... or Sie to most... pronounced SEE.. because it’s what I do. My Tribal Name is Laaweewii Peepáxkwūleesh (Wild Flower). I am Grand Daughter of the Moon and Sky...Daughter of the Wind and Water...Sister to the Fire Breathers, and the Earth Shakers... Mother to Soft Cloud and Red Hawk Long Feather, Wife to the Sun...And Owner of MYSELF. 

I give Praise and Adoration to those that have come before me... my Ancestors... the Living Dead and the Dead. 

I speak prayers and blessings for those that come after me...Throughout my life... I’ve introduced myself many ways... but this... this is me. I am a hub... I have always been a reflection of others as much as I belong to myself ... I belong to others... my vulnerability gives them permission to others to be who they are...I never try to make others like me... just to see it from my point of view...When speaking to my Mentees and Students I often say “I’ll give you the Gem, it’s up to you to make the Jewelry”.

Soul Work is real work... Many get me confused as a Light worker because I emit Light... 

Beloved let me share with you this... any light you’ve seen in me can reside within you... I am a Shadow Worker... I will push you to uncover depths of yourself you may or may not be prepared for... but I will pledge I will be there to share what I know... because I’m used to diving deep... you have no clue how much I think... it’s actually something I’m currently healing... yes I said healing... because when you think too much... you can easily offend... and that’s not always great either... 

Finding the balance creates mental health and wealth. 

The Soul has a language, and I’m able to comprehend it as easily as if you were speaking from your mouth. Throughout this walk in the journey of life, I have been able to study with Great Teachers, and have become a serious Student of Life. Through my lineage, I am a 4th generation Medicine Woman, Shaman, Intuitive and Healer... this was given to me from my Mother’s womb...I have had training within my own Lineage for these roles... I will not sell those as a training ever... as these Medicines are not for public knowledge... they are for my own Daughter when she’s ready.

In addition to this, I’ve dedicated my life to studying and have earned these titles and held them all for a minimum of 15 years. 

  • Master Tarot  and Tarot Instructor

  • Reiki Master/Teacher Traditional Usui Shoden method

  • Palmist - Give me your Hand.

  • Minister/Ceremonialist- officiating marriages, proceeding over Funerals.

  • Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal

  • Healer

  • Subtle Energy Healer

  • Motivational Speaker

It’s my stewardship to the Universe to help and heal others as the Universe and the Most High have done for me.