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Bottom Left corner is a Summoning Sigil to Angel Sealiah –
Tarot Deck by Travis McHenry

This morning on this lovely Sunday, Spirit called to me and said I should pull a collective card from this specific deck.

The message that came through was “ Tough times don’t last- channel your energy into something deeper. Get off your knees and find yourself again”.

This year has been a bit confusing – so many things have happened where motivation has been lost and losing sight of desires.

Take a moment and write down what it is that you would truly desire for yourself. Whatever it is that you want for yourself, is what you want for your legacy. Your legacy ties to the Tarot Correspondence of this card which is the 6 of Cups. What fills you- and what do you want to fill?

Your motivation comes from what has broken you in the past- so you do not journey back there. Motivation comes from healing instead of ruminating. Motivation is an activation of the decision to heal what’s hindered you.

Take the time today to get clear in your path and reapply your intentions to focus and center you.

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