Woke Wednesday Message 1/11/2023

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Hey Yo! 

 Today is 1/11- in the Year of 7. This is a transformative day for the rest of the year- so mind your thoughts today and keep them High Vibrating! 

111 is the sequence that calls us to be a part of the reality of who we are, and our mission here. 
When I think of my own life- that number has come at very pivotal points of my life. 

Currently it’s also Mercury Retrograde- in Capricorn and I’m reminded of this specific time…

Back in 2015, I got on a plane to Atlanta to meet someone I had never met in person … and host my 1st event. When I was about to take off there was a big sign on the runway that said 111.
I knew I’d be OK. 

My Mother passed in 2020… on 1/11. I definitely didn’t feel like I’d be OK- but I knew there was a message in that number for me. 

I wake up this morning 3 years later with this message… 
Know and trust your power . Even in your weakest moments, understanding that they’re only moments of weakness… not eternity in them. 

I selected these cards a few days ago for this message, and I’d like to share with you what comes  through now: 
As the Priestess (Bruja in this deck) awakens within you, you may feel the need to draw your Magic more and more inward. It’s Ok to use your Magic for yourself… many of us that have magic try to not use it for personal gain. This is the time to be mindful of your intentions and direct yourself to a place of wellness and Magic for benefitting others at another time. Those that need you, your offerings will find you- allow them to journey for your medicines.
The Page of Knives asks your to embark happily on new ideas- and know that wisdom within you that you had no clue where it came from; it’s borrowed from your Ancestors. The Page is the youngest energy of the suits. You’re in a space to learn at the feet of those that have come before you- even if they’re not physically present to speak. 
Together - the message says Self Awareness and Mental Cultivation are the Key to your Success and Survival.

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