Rest is Key

I was called to share a card this morning for the Collective and the message that flowed to me was “Rest is Key”

Often we get caught up in the “doing”- but never exist within the “being”. The message that is coming to me that the rest of 2022 should be focused on rehabilitation of the Soul.

Collectively- we’ve all been in a state of shock, and have had to move through it without awareness of why things are happening the way they are. From 2020 until now 2022 life has completely shifted into a different state of affairs… and consciousness. There was absolutely no preparation- yet we trudged on.

2023 is literally less than 2 months away now- and it’s a 7 year. This is meant to be a quieter, “inner” year in which we can learn the answers to our most burning and often avoided questions. 


For me… I’d like to know “what was the reason?!”

7 years are about leaning in on Faith, and so is the 4 of Feathers.

Rest is Key! Although the 7 year and 4 of Feathers reminds us to have Faith- it requires us to “Go lay down!”

I hope ya’ll read go lay down in a Grandmama’s voice, because that’s the energy – and a reminder, that those prayers she once spoke over you are still working.

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