New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

  • $222.00


Natal Chart Reading

We’ll uncover your Natal Chart together and review all of your Houses to gain a better understanding of who you are- the way you think, and where you are going.

You will receive an Astrology Report and Chart by email to follow along.

Divine Insight

I will tap in to any messages sent on your behalf. This can be from anyone connecting to you ... examples include but not limited to Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Avatars, and your own Soul.

The Soul has a language and I can hear it.

A Prayer of Protection

A Energy Blessing and a clearing over your life from the Highest Intent to help you motivate yourself and cover you as we head into the New Year.

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For all options, Booking dates must be between the following time frame: December 15th - January 5th 2022.

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