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Kapachi Loose Incense

Kapachi Loose Incense

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This incense is a combination of Palo Santo Wood chips, lavender (Alucma), Anise, Quinua, colored sugar sprinkles (sometimes coated in paper), Copal, and Wiraqoya, sometimes with other sacred and aromatic herbs. Kapachi incense is used by the Quechua people, typically Paqos (closest english translation is Shaman or Mystic, though Paqos are entirely separate from both Shamans and Mystics) of the Cusco region of Peru; in a ritual for purification, banishment, and to honour the Apus (Spirits of the Sacred Mountains).  


It can also be used to attract good fortune to areas of life pertaining to work, love, and physical wellbeing. 

To use, burn on a lit charcoal disc in a heat-proof bowl or container. 


One Vial for 11.11 

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