Herbs In The Apothecary

Herbs In The Apothecary

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For generations herbs have been used for healing. Whether or not you are using it in a Tea, tincture, salve, incense, or an infusion-Herbs, our great for overall wellness. Each herb has a specific spirit, element and personality. These herbs are specifically chosen in Demure Lyfe not only for their medicinal properties, but their metaphysical and spiritual ones as well.

Cornflower-enhance a psychic ability

Hyssop-humility, repentance, sacrifice

Hibiscus-emotional healing, self-love, passion, inner peace

Calendula-light, fire, sun, magic, court case, confidence

Angelica-protection, work, shield against hexes and malevolent spirits

Damiana-love, lust, attraction, work, fertility, workings, aphrodisiac

Red Clover-feminine energy, work, allowing your inner light to shine

Hawthorn Leaf-helps with grief, and heartache.

Lemon Verbena- purification and renewal

Agrimony-thankfulness and gratitude

Chickweed-play resilience and connection

Ginger Root Powder-wealth and prosperity

Chamomilepositive energy, prophetic, dreaming

Calamus-words of evil spirits

Red Rose Buds- love, working, passion, sacrifice

Raspberry Leaf-solidifies and strengthens marriage

Mugwort-  lucid, dreaming and astral projection

Lavender- Lifts your spirits,brings peace and calm

Nettle- create boundaries

Jasmine Flower-purity, love, positive energy, and happiness

Arnica Flower- helps the soul integrate better with the body

Honeysuckle-romantic, love, good fortune, sweetness towards one another

Lemongrass-willingness to welcome, honest communication

Vanilla Powder-personal empowerment, sexual desire, improves powers of the mind.

Rosehips-soulmates, companionships,relief of stress and negativity

Cat’s Claw- opens the spirit to receive good health, balance, and aids with vision quests.

White Copal-cleansing abilities, inviting in the divine to purify whatever needs purification. It promotes spiritual growth, transformation and assists with meditation.

Frankincense Tears-promotes holiness and righteousness

Myrrh-purifying, restorative revitalizing and uplifting. Uplift the spirit and emotional protection.

Palo Santo Dust- deepens your connection to The Source, to protect from negative energy, and creates harmony. I.

Dandelion Leaf- resilience and strength

Linden Leaf- good luck, health, healing, broken hearts, longevity, prevents temptation

Essiac Tea- enhances, detoxification, boost, immune system, and reduces inflammation

California white Sage-ceremonial use of cleansing spirits out of homes and off of people.

Kapachi- traditionally used in Peruvian purification ceremony

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