Florida Water

  • $5.55

Florida Water is also widely used in Hoodoo, Vodou, Wicca and Santeria practices.  Florida Water is often times used in rituals, ceremonies and offerings. They’re even sometimes alternatives for holy water. Wiping down items in the altar using a table cloth and some florida water is a great way of cleansing these objects of possible negative energy and also to prepare the items for the blessings of our ancestors and the spirits.. Why? It is believed to remove heavy vibrations and encourages the flow of expression and emotions. In order to help the process of the spell become more effective. Another great use of it, is to help conquer depression. It helps by cleansing the body of negative energy, sadness and loneliness. Riding it of anything that harms the human body both mentally and spiritually. For those of you suffering depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. 

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