Sage Bundle

Sage Bundle

  • $17.00

One of the first lines of defense is a good smudging!

From right to left

Dragons Blood Sage- used for amplifying the properties in white Sage . Dragons Blood resin is used to increase the potency of any herb it connects with .

White Sage- Using white Sage should be done in a ritual or ceremony. Burning Sage is an ancient practice of Indigenous peoples to cleanse a space of negative energy/entities

Using Sage it’s best to be in a Spirit of Strength- do not smudge fearfully... this herb demand confidence- hence using in a ritual or ceremony is best.

Cedar- I love using cedar because it is equalizing... balancing. Cedar will bring in positivity as it builds for protection . Cedar is a powerful herb when it comes to its connection to a tree instead of a bush like Sage. Cedar is an Ancestor, and brings wisdom and clarity .

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