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Demure Lyfe

Brown Sugar Wellness Circle

Brown Sugar Wellness Circle

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A Sacred Call to My Beloved Sisters,

Deep within my soul, I carry an unwavering belief that Black Women deserve spaces that are sacred and exclusively their own. This profound calling has echoed in my heart for years, and now, I stand ready to answer it.

In the tapestry of my Afro-Indigenous heritage, I’ve discovered an abundance of magic, a legacy bestowed upon me by my Ancestors. They’ve whispered to my spirit, urging me to share this sacred wisdom with you, my Sisters.

Too often, as women, we find ourselves shrinking to fit into spaces not designed for our radiant authenticity. It’s time to protect the essence of who we are, to nurture the boundless magic that resides within each of us.

I invite you to join us every First Sunday  at Demure Lyfe in Chester, New York, beginning the first Sunday of each month, donned in your ceremonial whites, from 4-6 pm

Here, we shall gather, weaving our unique threads of existence into something truly magical. Together, we will forge unbreakable bonds of sisterhood and share the profound wisdom of the African and Afro-Indigenous diaspora.

This is a sacred call, a testament to the power and resilience of Black Women.

Let us unite, stand tall in our truth, and manifest the beauty that resides within us all.


DO NOT SIGN UP THE DAY OF!  Same day registration is frowned upon unless discussed before hand.  I like to have an accurate head count so I can prepare myself and the space.  

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