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Demure Lyfe

All Purpose Holy Oil

All Purpose Holy Oil

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My All Purpose Holy Oil was inspired by stories of my 3rd Great Grandmother Hannah Morgan of the Ramapough. It’s been said that she was someone who got what she wanted with a blessed hand because she was unbothered by anyone or anything around her. She was aligned with the Most High Creator so much so that she effortlessly seemed to create peace love and prosperity around her. When she was in positions that seemed impossible- she kept her head down in prayer and only lifted it to say thank you. 

Peace comes from within and grows- just like Love and Prosperity.

You can use this oil any way you choose:

Add to a Spiritual Bath

Place it on your Wallet

a drop or two in your mop bucket for a House Blessing

anointing your head before bed for sweet dreams

2 ounce glass bottle- one size only 

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