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Demure Lyfe

Black Hawk Oil

Black Hawk Oil

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Black Hawk is considered an important Indian Spirit Guide. Historically, he was revered in the Louisiana region and is honored as warrior spirit. Black Hawk was a leader to the Sauk Indian tribe during the early 1800's. He was known for his swift leadership abilities, particularly during the battle of Black Hawk in 1832. He was infamous for his battle techniques and succeeding at halting early settlers from moving into his people's region. Due to his resiliency and civil servitude to his common tribesman, Black Hawk was adopted into the Spiritual Church Movement during the 1920's as a powerful Indian Spirit Guide.

Today, he remains a prolific and compelling figure to work with in Conjure.

Demure Lyfe’s Black Hawk oil incorporates roots, herbs, and intention to bring forward the essence of this Guide. What makes my blend unique is my specific knowledge of the 4 sacred herbs of the Native Americans- as I was raised up paying reverence to them.

I also use calamus root to boost it's potency, allowing your inner Authoritarian to take place. Lastly , there is a bit of marigold to help with court matters.

You can dress your hands and feet in this oils to guide you to where you need to go.

Anoint your hands before signing contracts.

Anoint things of value for protection.

This oil packs a powerful punch! Our Black Hawk oil has an earthy scent with woody overtones. It is gender neutral in my opinion - a drop with do!

Skin test for allergies.

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