7 Day Candles

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Candle work is one of the most potent ways to call in what your intentions. It’s recommended that if you decide to use Candle Magic- make the time to work the candle every day it burns at the same time petitioning your Guides for your desired outcome. 

I take the time to clear, cleanse and charge each candle as they come in with the highest intentions.



RED - Passion, Vitality(for Ancestral workings) Courage, Love (relationship/marriage),Power.

ORANGE - Creativity, Optimism, Enthusiasm, sexuality (self identity)

YELLOW - Willpower, Communication( Channeling your Higher Self), Awareness, Focus/Concentration, Goal-Setting.

GREEN - Healing, Growth, Fertility, Prosperity, Mending Bonds, Success, Money, Abundance, Luck, Ideas.

BLUE - Calming, Health, Healing, Group or Self Meditation, Peace, Inspiration, Forgiveness (of Others and Self).

PURPLE - Intuition, Stability of the Mind, Wisdom, Integration, Spirituality, Guidance, Invocation of Spiritual Team, Alignment.

WHITE - Purity, Wholeness, Protection, Cleansing, Truth, New Beginnings, Serenity, Insight, Gratitude.

BLACK - Boundaries, Banishing, Breaking Hexes, Grounding, Psychic Protection.

PINK - Friendship, Affection, Joy, Self-Esteem, Self Care, Devotion, Emotional Healing, Gratitude.

BROWN - Grounding, Permanence, Resources, Grounding, House Blessings, Nature, Home, Protections of Pets.

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