Melt Into Divine Desire

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Gaining clarity that your Desires do not equate distractions on your Spiritual Journey are life changing. What you're beginning to see now is the beauty of the integration... if you're trying to bring your ideas out of the Ethers and bring them into this physical reality you can align yourself with the vibrations of Desire to further fuel your them... allow your desires to motivate not hesitate you.

Pele is the Volcano Goddess and her fire is under the surface... imagine being able to channel that power into fulfillment of your soul...feel your desires melt into your Spirit like lava... and understand there is no separation from your greatness to the cosmos, to your ultimate self... the only separation is you saying it's not the time to apply.

Lava stones hold essential oils quite well... try a blend to invoke your inner Goddess and carry it around with you for a scent to bring you in a deeper connection to your desires...

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