May 31st 2017

Today's Oracle is brought to you by Discernment...

When you rationalize thoughts ... you already know the answer. Don't talk yourself out of your intuition. If you keep getting a nudge on things there maybe something deeper to uncover . Discernment is there to cut through the illusion , the smoke and mirrors , manipulation , and deception to get to the root of the matter so you can enjoy the fruit.

Discernment is seeing truth from a neutral ground, a detached perspective ... discernment helps you uncover the true intention of people and situations in your life. It's the clearest truth you can connect to your highest form...

If you find yourself being judgmental in your discernment- you're not being discerning... you're being judgmental.

Honor your feelings but make sure you're not projecting them either...

Allow your Discernment to bring you inner security and not inner anxiety.

333: Align mind, body and soul.

Peace and Love 🔮✌

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