May 1st 2017

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Grand Rising! 🌞🌞

Today is Beltane, and today's card is the Empress which perfectly fits this Holiday because today is all about Fertility and so is the Empress! Also today is Monday , ruled by the Moon... which is the Feminine and governs the Home, and Family.The Message today is utilizing your intentions as seeds you know will grow will benefit you in many ways. Beauty is everywhere and tuning into that will only make you become that. The Empress is the Mother, and she understands her life is all about creation and reproduction of the things she creates... in her Higher Self she is truly connected to growth and growing the things she loves by honoring herself through rituals of care... in her Shadow self she can be a Mother that "over invests" into the lives of others and becomes an enabling instead of the Healer she is meant to be. So all in all the message today is to remember your Divinity of creation, being today is a fertility portal be aware that conception of all forms is available... so if you aren't trying to have a baby make sure you're using protection... if you are trying the odds are in your favor! If you want to create something new utilize today's potent energy to do it

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