March 7th 2017

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To my Sisters...

Wounds of the heart cause more than tears.... wounds in the heart create fears in the mind. Fear to live a life with out the wounds...Heart wounds are the deepest to heal... and the reason being is they can be caused by anyone... outside of you... but only healed by you... I implore you to go into a meditative state and take 3 deep breathes ... in thru the nose and out through the mouth...

Think back... all the way back to the first time you were hurt deeply... then hug yourself, and say "I forgive you for holding onto this hurt so long, this no longer serves me." This is the first step in a journey to courageous and radical self healing...just the acknowledgement itself is powerful.

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To my Brothers...

Right now, you may be feeling like you don't know what way is up... the thing is you feel the urge to move anyway... For real... Do that Sunnnnn! Sometimes a step out of the square will bring you into the circle of life! You're being called to move, do it... the Dude Abides 😏

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