March 3rd 2017

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To My Sisters-

As Women, we tend to take on so much shit that we often feel frustrated and resentful which can cause mental anguish and physical illness. We are in power of our own minds and hearts and boundaries are needed.

Set boundaries with the lengths your willing to go... before committing to your next task, relationship, or responsibility take a deep breath... ask your self what part of yourself are you sacrificing... is it a healthy sacrifice? Is it something you will have the time to complete and commit to? Will this be something you are Ok getting no notoriety from? No accolades? breath deeper and follow the answer and see if this is worth your energy...

It's also important to remember a few things ... remember that once you put yourself in the position to be a person to have no boundaries people will have no problem stepping into your bubble of comfortability ... that's on you... just as much as it is on them...
Also, take into consideration you, yourself may have the capacity to be a line stepper... review your reach out potential too... remember you have to take your place as quick as you can give it.

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To My Brothers-

The importance of mastering your emotions is vital... when put into uncomfortable positions- deflection isn't the way to go... many times Men tend to look at Women as the emotional ones... wearing their hearts on their sleeves... but what is often forgotten is that emotionality isn't always tears... emotions can be anger, and erraticism ... the King of water is the balancer of all emotions because he's not afraid to dive deep into the depths of his emotions... you won't drown... you've got the power to come up for air... Air represents the mental clarity of all situations... so... take a moment and get wet. Embody what you're asking in others... you got this.

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