March 20th 2017

Morning message...

Good Morning!!! Today's Oracle is provided to you by the #SpringEquinox !

I'm so so handful the Winter is over, and we can now enjoy the seeds we've planted to be birthed. Take this time to feel energized and have a sense of Self Renewal... clearing out what doesn't serve you is vital today specifically ... your flowers are about to bloom... so make sure you don't have any weeds in your garden.  I will say this though... the difference between a weed and a flower is the point of view... they both grow and both need the same things to survive... so take a long hard look at the weed before declaring its need to be destroyed.... ask for clarity truth and compassion before uprooting it... and use gloves... you don't want poison ivy 😂
Enjoy your day, and get outside and breathe some fresh air- feel yourself having a human experience... it's worth it.

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