March 16th 2017

Morning Message

Stop right now thinking you don't have what you need right now to be happy...that type of thinking pushes happiness right away from you. If you want a partner and think that's what will make you happy...if you want to make money with a new business and think that will make you happy, if you want more friends...thinking that will make you fucked up. Yep I said it. First and foremost, you need nothing outside of yourself to be happy...happiness and peace start from within and then it grows... if you're feeling unsettled about where you are in life I understand that... but to think gaining access to something you don't have to receive euphoria is bullshit. It'll be a euphoric mask... all masks come off eventually...let the Sun touch your face...the Sun is the warmth of your Soul in which you've been denying...

When you think of beauty in the world understand that you are of that same're blessed to be here...think of how many granules of sand there are on a beach... the multitude of them is didn't happen over night...have patience... true happiness is created from within, and requires maintenance...if you think you're going to get something and have it make you instantly happy... it can...but if you think it will sustain it...start reading this all over...from the top

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