June 1st 2017

It's been said... to create the Human form, the Spirit had to be enticed to commit to a body...

One of the commitments to create such a form was to be able to partake in Sacred Pleasures.

 Sacred Pleasures are those that connect your body to the Spirit realm off of pure bliss.

Be gentle... if your not connecting to yourself...breathing life into your own flesh are you really calling forth Sacred Pleasure? What is it that YOU like and makes YOU feel blissful? Often times we commit to others and their Pleasures because we don't feel worthy of our own...Take the time to day to make yourself feel completely Be clear with your intentions and feelings . The sacredness of this time will make you feel complete as you fill your cup up and allow Goddess Bastet to help you channel your sacred passions...

 the shadow of this message is to be careful to not overindulge because the Cat's Eye has 9 lives to fill up... over indulgence can create a war within you... balance is key in all areas.

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