July 28th 2017

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Think about the intense depths of the Ocean...

to this day, we've only explored less than 5% of it! Crazy right? Now step back and compare yourself to the ocean... your creativity flows within you... powerful and unapologetic I'm sure... you can't tame the ocean... it flows how it wants... it churns and waves... crashing into itself... to some it may seem like the ocean is its own worst enemy... but quite the contrary- The fact that the Ocean is so mysterious means that it is the holder of secrets and sacred victories that are not yet brought to the surface... having all the answers within itself... and those waves that can't be controlled? They also never stop... they're continuously moving- bringing forth a happy space of endless accomplishments... creativity flows from emotions and emotions are governed by the element of water. Yemaya, Mother of all the waters of the Earth ... when you feel yourself feeling low remember you're Power and understand there are parts of yourself you haven't discovered yet :)

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