July 24th 2017

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2017 has been the year of learning to listening to the heart and integrate what your mind says...

Instead of keeping them separate... understand that they both reside within your vessel...
You'd get farther if you integrated these facets of self instead of taking the advice of one over the other... there is a truce to be made and you're the one to sign your soul's treaty.
Tap into your most vulnerable moments and apply as needed... they're some real vital gems you're missing there

Unlearn what has been given to you through DNA- Generational Curses are a real thing... you can remove them... If you can reflect on what doesn't work from your lineage... you have the ability to come from a space of observation of self that's an excellent vantage point.... look within... are you follow the old patterns? Or are you creating the new paradigm?

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