July 17th 2017

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As we are nearing the New Moon in Leo on July 23rd, it's time to dig deep and clear out remnants of things that have felt like you were not living up to your full potential... somewhere in the past there has been someone/something that made you doubtful on making decisions for yourself . Today, try using the waning crescent energy the Moon as its current position is Taurus- to indulge in your daydreams ... think of daydreaming on what you want to really create and do in your life ... remembering what use to light a candle in your heart and in your mind... before that someone or something blew it out . Day dreams are good for acknowledging actualities... not what you can't do... right now is a great day to gear up and get ready for this Leo New Moon because you may be catapulted into the limelight

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