April 7th 2017

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Morning Message-

Many of us live in a fear of being judged by others which permeates to our souls in the way we will not move forward based off of what we think others may think.
Today's message is telling you to say "F*ck their feelings!" 😂
The feeling that you carry of regret is much deeper than the thought of someone not agreeing with you in the moment... follow your bliss... if it makes you happy do it... release all things you are regretting.
The vibration of Love is bigger than you... Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet in Love , he's one that doesn't reside on the same realm of existence as us...because anything on this 3D realm is equal to you... and doesn't have the authority to make you feel out of place. When you feel the light of the universe within you... archangel Gabriel is readying himself to guide your steps... not judge them.

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