April 26th 2017

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Good Morning! Happy New Moon in Taurus!

Morning Message

Use today's energy to charge forward like the Bull and focus on your own Unique abilities. What do you see in yourself that is different from others? do you give yourself credit for your ways of learning and understanding? who are you in a sea of people? You should have had at least "aha!" Moment within those 3 questions... it's time to sparkle a little brighter...

To all of my Crystal lovers out there think about walking into a Crystal store... and when you're walking around take note... all of the crystals are beautiful and perfect... but there are always the ones that call to you that you must have... that's because they've met your frequency... right?

So think of yourself as the Crystal and your path and curiosities to choose you... allow yourself to shine and sparkle a little bit brighter today... meditate, and ask for your inner light to come up a notch.

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