April 24th 2017

Good Morning! 🌞 Morning Message

The Chariot's Message for you today is simple...
You've been focusing on your mind body spirit and heart connections for quite sometime now and what you're realizing is that the goals you're investing in aren't out of reach... even if they're feeling that way... but the beauty of the Chariot is that it connects with the zodiac sign of Cancer.
The lesson that it calls us to understand with that as sensitive as we are, we can be home anywhere we go.... under pressure is where we grow... the crab sheds its shell only when its uncomfortable to transition into a more fitting vessel... you have the ultimate power within yourself to grow... but obsessing over your growth and how fast you want to accelerate it will only derail it. Remember the connections you're focusing on... mind body heart and spirit... there is no rushing the immortality of your spirit which is the true alchemist to all of the connections.

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