What Works?! Soul Work!

As people living here on this planet together, I notice it’s so natural to get lost in a few different thought processes.

We often compare our journey to people that are near and far because comparisons make things understandable.

We also look outward to figure out what our Soul’s purpose is… we want to GIVE something because it makes us feel useful.

But what what if I told you… we aren’t meant to do those things… although it feels so natural.

Our Soul’s work is to focus on how we can transform what we know into application. To live happier lives without comparison or distraction.

The truth is- when you compare your life and journey to someone else’s experience- you lose sight of your own through distraction. When you’re in a space of looking outside yourself- double down with your Faith. Try an expression of “Most High, allow me to focus on my needs and please limit distractions. I am ready to walk by your guidance”.

Additionally we often put ourself in a position to give- and we often do so to the wave of depletion.

Here is a gentle reminder; you can give what you don’t have for yourself. Soul work is about giving – but it should never be to your detriment. Giving should be done only if you’re in a space to also receive.

If you find yourself giving more than you’re receiving- ask yourself “How did I get into this position, and do I feel worthy enough to receive what I give“.

Soul work isn’t easy… and these are just small aspects to get yourself started.

I encourage you to journal about these things and see what comes up for you… or what comes down (from your Guides and the Most High).

Have a great day!

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