I woke up this morning thinking about time and how that it truly waits for no one. I can not believe how fast this Summer has moved along! To me the last day of August is always sad because the little girl in me always remembers that school starts in September.

Now as an adult, I am grateful for September because it now signifies learning and the ability to learn still. Additionally it is my birthday month… and the Summer as a season isn’t over until my birthday.

I’m grateful for each September in ways I haven’t been in the past. This morning I selected a card and it hit me!

The card was Live out Loud! What a blessing that is, and the message just poured through me… not only for me; for you as the collective too.

Live out Loud is represented by Yasigi- a Celebration Goddess of the Dogon people in Mali. For the Dogon, she was the first Yasigne. Yasignes are women who are elevated to participate in some of their most Sacred Masked ceremonies.

The message this card brings is that being your most potent self is being you! No one else. You’re not meant to make everyone on your path happy. You’re meant to stay your own path and make yourself happy by being authentic within your time spent here.

Every singer has a song you may not like- but it doesn’t discredit their talent.

Use your time wisely, and express your highest value to yourself- it will flow to others naturally .

Your declaration your be “I am free to express myself fully and completely, Solely and wholy.”

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