Mercury Retrograde feels

Hey Yo. I woke up this morning feeling this vibration of not letting Sh!t get me down- or work me up. Let me tell you, I am one who lives in a consistent paradox… my Sun is in Virgo and my Moon and Rising is in Pisces. So when I tell you I have my own struggles with knowing Sh!t’s all good, and then simultaneously thinking the world is coming to an end- it’s truth!

Before I woke up this morning, I heard this in my slumber “Mind the business that pays you”.

I got up pretty early today and expressed my gratitudes as usual… and decided to pick a card to see what the vibe was.



a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.


There is a level of strength and stamina needed for what I do. Yet there is also a level of ease and flow as well. I’ve been having a hard time balancing them because of distraction.

My distraction has been fighting off scammers using my image. It’s literally exhausting. It has taken me away from my work, and being present in the moment.

What I realized though was this; “Yes, that is true… but mind the business that pays you. You’ve got to let that Sh!t go!”

If I’m hyper focused on that- then what is hyper focused on all my goodness??

The thing is- I’m super sensitive. Things hurt my feelings easily and I’m easily offended. But truthfully- if I’m focused on what’s hurting me, I then distract myself from all the healing I’m available to.

Besides scammers, there are people that are inspired by my work- and never credit me.

That was another thing that I’ve been focused on; and the truth is…

If it’s obvious to me- it’s obvious to others, so just keep doing what I’m doing…

By minding the business that pays me!

Where my attention has been has been on protection… but in this moment I’m reminded that yes, I need that protection, but I am also protectED!

What a beautiful paradox.

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