MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE 9/9/2022-10/1/2022

Hey Yo! Mercury will be going retrograde from September 9th 2022 until October 1st 2022.

This Mercury Retrograde period is here to let us know we can’t take no sh!t from anyone. As we’re in this retrograde, we will be reminded of who is for us, and who’s not. So all in all, the theme here is relationships. Relationships intimate and platonic are always a form of transportation- taking us to where we’re destined to go.


Hey Cardinal Signs! 5 of Knives message says that you may be reminded of a disagreement and it may be coming back around. You may feel as though your side of the argument was valid- but what you will see is that you’ve lost a connection. Losing connections repeatedly- you’re going to realize you’re alone. Yes, being alone is OK; but if this is a theme… it’s YOU. Working on your communication, and your compassion are imperative to healing yourself. You will begin to realize, you’re so short with others because no one has given you grace from an early age. It’s hard to give what you haven’t had. This process is going to be humbling, but it’s worth it.
Hey Mutable Signs! 8 of Baskets message says you may be confronted with things that you’ve been emotionally escaping from. This can be a variety of things obviously… but let’s focus on the theme of relationships. What’s coming through for me to share here, is that you may not be seen or heard in your relationships- and have been trying to keep the peace. Ya’ll mutable signs obviously go with the flow- but that will get old. Right now it’s become ancient. The things you’ve been putting off will become unavoidable within your body. Misplaced emotions become extra weight to carry, and breed resentment. Use this time to journal and dialogue your true feelings so you can get it out rather than keep it inside wishing it will go away.

Hey Fixed Signs! 7 of Knives message expresses trying to make amends- and truths revealed . You’ll soon uncover what someone’s secret agenda has been- and it doesn’t have to be negative . It just can be a reveal of character.

One of my Elders told me once:

“When you meet someone, a first impression is good- but that ain’t who you’ll know. That’s their representative putting their best foot forward”. What is coming for me to share is that you’ll soon see their true intentions, and it’ll be up to you to see if it’s what you want. Sometimes it isn’t about what you want though. It’s about what you need. Be open to the lessons that come along with this experience.


Wishing you all Healing and Clarity through this murky retrograde. This is a great time for a reset, a cleanse and prayer. I plan on doing a cleanse of my social media and an internal reset juicing or raw foods. I want my inner world to support my outer world! So when making changes it’s always good to make one external and one internal. I hope this helps!

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