Full Moons Of 2023

 Hey Yo.

We know Full Moons are about releasing , but is that all we focus on when it comes to our Rituals?

I think a lot of us often forget, to release something- it needs to be healed. If you don’t heal it; it will only come back again in another form. Sometimes familiar , sometimes not.

For an example; Leo Full Moon you can connect with the intentions of :

Sex, Loyalty, and Adoration
Self Confidence

Some Herbal Helpers
Sunflower, Rue
St. John’s wort, Rosemary
Chamomile, Lemon Balm – you can make this into Teas, dress your candles or make Oil infusions… or do them all!

I’m finding it interesting that we are starting off 2023 with a Fire element full moon, and finishing with a Water element. To me, that signifies that we are going to have a lot shown to us initially that may trigger us. Our emotions will be our superpower though. Our feelings will win.

Anywho… I’ll be sharing more about the Full Moons and the Herbal Helpers on my Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/Demure_Lyfe

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