Winter Solstice Celebration

Winter Solstice Celebration

  • $44.00

Come one, Come all to Demure Lyfe for a Winter Solstice celebration like no other. As the sun sets on the shortest day of the year, immerse yourself in an enchanting evening filled with warmth, reflection, and joy.


Amidst the soft glow of flickering candles, participants will be invited to partake in a communal meditation, embracing the quiet introspection that the solstice brings. Set your intentions for the coming year, guided by the serene ambiance and the comforting presence of kindred spirits.


Join us at Demure Lyfe this Winter Solstice and embrace the magic of this ancient celebration, uniting in gratitude, hope, and the promise of new beginnings.

 This event is In Person

I’ll be teaching a powerful prosperity spell to assist with the upcoming year! You won’t want to miss this! 

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