Soul Stretch Sundays

Soul Stretch Sundays

  • $10.00

The Power of Self Actualization through intentional movement. 
Every Sunday 5AM EST join me on stretching your body and spirit:  Planning your week ahead, and utilizing the time and vibration of moment.

Sundays are ruled by the Sun, which represents the Self, and the number 5 represents change. If you’re looking to shift your experience, join me weekly. 

This is a donation offering, so please select the amount you'd like to offer from this page.  Once you do you will receive access to my personal zoom link to join!
This personal financial experience tier chart is here to demonstrate how to review your finances before offering a donation. 

I’m so grateful for all support to keep the lights on and continue to light a path for Demure Lyfe Storefront in Chester NY. 

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