Love Smudge Bundle

Love Smudge Bundle

  • $22.00

Love Loose Incense- hand blended incense derived from the Highest Frequency of Love and Adoration. This blend is created from a blend of herbs combined with Demure Lyfe’s Expansion Self Lighting Dust. It’s created to expand of your inner awareness.

Love Sage Stick- Hand wrapped Sage and Rose Petals. Red Rose is for the Love of Family and Ancestral Connections, Yellow is to those that are Contemporaries in this Realm, and Pink is for the Love of Your Self.

Sweetgrass- Healing, Purification, Positive Energy. Strengthened when used with other Herbs.

Bliss Bag Herb- Beautiful blended rose and frankincense powder for love and reverence.

Swift light charcoal tabs- light up a tablet and let your herbs burn.

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