Ancestral Awareness Workshop

Ancestral Awareness Workshop

  • $88.88

Come Sunday July 2nd 2022, from 4pm EST 

Demure Lyfe
27 Main Street
Chester NY 10918

We will be diving deep into Ancestral Awareness, and 

Topics we will cover in the Workshop

  • Identifying the Types of Ancestors-(Yes there are more than one!) 
  • Learn tips and tools to locate Lost Ancestors 
  • Explanation of Epigenetics and correlation to your Ancestry
  • What is true Ancestral Veneration?
  • Steps to reconciling unhealthy Family dynamics 
  • Empowering yourself to break Generational Trauma 

What to bring?

  • Notebook or Journal. Video/Recording is Prohibited
  • Water for drinking (preferably a refillable vessel)
  • One Offering of your Choosing. Ex. flowers, candy, candles, liquors, tobacco. 
  •  A framed Photo of an Ancestor you would like to honor.

 This workshop will be done in person, however you can access the class notes by signing up for my Patreon. 



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